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So what is Web hosting? Web Hosting in its fundamental means acquiring server space in cyberspace and its no secret that this space can be acquired through any vendor across the world, however the true essence of hosting is reliable service thereafter.

It's no secret that for businesses to operate, they must have a domain name, with hosting & email services since these elements are as critical to the business as the business itself. From our experience, businesses have a common issue of not having a reliable service provider and quite a few do not even have the correct access details and/or were not aware of the current owner of their domain! Some are in agony of the provider not being able to service their issues in a timely manner.

We provide Domain, Hosting & Email services to clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and the region in all. We have our own hosting servers based out of UK & locally in Dubai and we provide "unlimited" localized support services to assist and resolve critical issues in a prompt manner with our expert server administration team.

As you will see our spread covers, the beginner looking for shared hosting to host a website & operate emails right up to VPS Hosting, Offsite Backup Solutions & Managed Dedicated Servers running business critical applications that need to physically reside with the regional network & monitored 24*7.

Our servers are hosted in UK & Dubai using world-class infrastructure with unparallel security, unified threat mechanisms, backup mechanisms, localized after sales support services & rich cross platform technical expertise we provide our client with complete satisfaction & peace of mind.

Don't settle for anything less including the "love of your life". Contact us at +971-4-353-2012 or email us. We look forward to hearing from you and the let the true professionals help you provide you with our most reliable hosting service.