Websites & Portals

We do web design and development, custom portal and web apps development along managed services for its sustainable growth. No, that's not all.

Website Design

Over the past four years we have delivered over 300 websites for clients all over the world. (And some of them aren't even family!) Be it XHTML, PHP, ASP, JSP, SQL, or CSS we make sure that the websites are in sync with your brand's image and at the same time conform to web standards... Read More

Portal Development

We develop custom portals and web applications for our clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah and Saudi Arabia (KSA). Our Portals are used in various industries and operational environments... Read More


Our dynamic portals and websites comes with our own custom developed Content Management Systems or CMS and Document Management System or DMS as they are popularly known as. Our custom developed CMS & DMS provides an upper edge in customization based on the clients requirements with ease and helps faster development with less elements left to surprise... Read More

Managed Services

Having build a website or portal, it is of prime importance to maintain the same to be able to gain higher Return on Investment (ROI) from the online entity. We provide managed services to our clients in helping them maintain their website / portal with faster response time and use of web standards... Read More

Mobile Platform

iPhone Apps, iPad apps and Android Apps have become an integral part of the internet and very soon it will be the heart! Wanting to go mobile...

Android Applications

With 61% users in the UAE and 60% users in Saudi Arabia having smartphone with internet access, it is imperative for businesses to reach their customers on their mobile devices... Read More

iPhone and iPad Applications

With over half a million iPhone applications on the store and 20 billion downloads, the demand for having an iPhone or iPad app has increased necessitating the needs for businesses to think beyond the PC... Read More

Mobile Websites and Mobile Web Apps Development

With more than 72% of smartphone users in the UAE and Saudi Arabia using their mobile phone to primarily search the internet or for internet browsing, not having a compatible website or web presence for the mobile users can be serious element for business... Read More

Managed Mobile Service

Once you have your iPhone app, iPad app, Android app or your mobile website is up and running, you might need someone to manage the data, upgrades and user feedback. We at Round Square understand these needs and have come up with an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for our customers... Read More

Domain & Hosting

Want a reliable internet hosting partner that provides local support and answers your calls when you need them... Then read on

Domains, Email, Website and Web Apps Hosting

So what is Web hosting? Web Hosting in its fundamental means acquiring server space in cyberspace and its no secret that this space can be acquired through any vendor across the world, however the true essence of hosting is reliable service thereafter... Read More

Hosting Plans

We are yet to put our hosting plans on our website but in the meanwhile, contact us and one of our experts will guide you on the best plan for your need...


The best designed website with the most advanced features will be useless unless proper internet marketing is done using fair and proven methodologies...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most probably you are on this web page because you are searching for a particular service (keyword) & you found us on the results page in a search engines. Well that's search engine optimization (SEO) in a nutshell...finding company listings in search engines for whatever you are interested in... Read More

Email Marketing and Email Campaigns

It's a proven fact that Email campaigns are a valuable & cost-effective way for mass communication & that people respond to emails that addresses their interests and needs... Read More

Interactive Brochures, Flip Book and eBrochures

Recent technological developments have made it possible to present our business attractively and through innovative new mediums. One such format is an interactive publication which is a digitized document of your brochure, magazine, flier, etc., that is viewable over the internet on your website or in your classified section... Read More